Coins Still Needed - geekpryde's CAC Type Set

These are the coins that I still need for my CAC Type Set.    These are coins that in theory I can afford in the lowest P1 grade or higher (no problem coins).

As of December 2014, I have completed 77 coins, and still need another ~34 coins.

If you should happen to have one of these Types for sale, please use the "Contact" form to reach out to me, or check the "Links" page to contact me on one of the forums.



1C Draped Bust Cent 1796 1807NEED
1C Classic Head Cent 1808 1814NEED
1C Matron Head Modified Cent 1835 1839NEED
1C Lincoln Cent - Memorial, Copper 1959 1982NEED
3C Three Cent Silver, Type 2 1854 1858NEED
3C Three Cent Silver, Type 3 1859 1873NEED
H10C Liberty Seated Half Dime, No Stars 1837 1838NEED
H10C Liberty Seated Half Dime, No Drapery 1837 1840NEED
H10C Liberty Seated Half Dime, Legend 1860 1873NEED
5C Jefferson Nickel 1938 2003NEED
10C Capped Bust Dime, Small Denticles 1828 1837NEED
10C Liberty Seated Dime, No Stars 1837 1838NEED
10C Liberty Seated Dime, Arrows 1853 1855NEED
10C Liberty Seated Dime, Legend, Arrows 1873 1874NEED
25C Draped Bust Quarter, Large Eagle 1804 1807NEED
25C Liberty Seated Quarter, No Motto, No Drapery 1838 1840NEED
25C Liberty Seated Quarter, No Motto, Arrows 1854 1855NEED
25C Liberty Seated Quarter, Motto, Arrows 1873 1874NEED
25C Classic Silver Commemorative 25C (Isabella) 1893 1893NEED
50C Draped Bust Half Dollar, Large Eagle 1801 1807NEED
50C Capped Bust Half Dollar, Lettered Edge, First Style 1807 1808NEED
50C Capped Bust Half Dollar, Reeded Edge, 50 CENTS 1836 1837NEED
50C Liberty Seated Half Dollar, No Motto, No Drapery 1839 1839NEED
50C Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Motto Arrows 1873 1874NEED
S$1 Liberty Seated Dollar, No Motto 1840 1865NEED
S$1 Trade Dollar, Chopmark 1873 1878NEED
S$1 Classic Silver Commemorative $1 (Lafayette) 1900 1900NEED
G$2.5 Liberty Coronet $2 1/2 1840 1907NEED
G$5 Coronet Head (Liberty) $5, No Motto 1839 1866NEED
G$5 Indian Head $5 1908 1929NEED
  Commemorative Medal 1925 1925NEED

For a more detailed Want/ Have / Maybe list, see this Excel version:


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