I've decided to try and collect all the coin hobby Acronyms in one place along with their corresponding translations.  I doubt this list can ever be complete, but I will try my best!  If you see any important acronyms missing, please let me know and I will add them. I'm working on cleaning up the translation / definitions.  Currently I have compiled around 211 Acronyms.

Trying to keep this free of generic internet Acronyms, but if you think one must be added let me know.

3CNThree Cent Nickel
3CSThree Cent Silver
ACGAccu Grade
ADOAbraded Die Obverse
ADRAbraded Die Reverse
AEBronze (Ancient Coins)
AGAbout Good
AGEAmerican Gold Eagle
AGWActual Gold Weight
ANAAmerican Numismatic Association
ANACSAmerican Numismatic Association Certification Service
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society
ARSilver (Ancient Coins)
ASEAmerican Silver Eagle
ASWActual Silver Weight
ATArtificially Toned
ATBAmerica the Beautiful
ATSAcross The Street (other forums)
AUAbout Uncirculated
AVGold (Ancient Coins)
B&MBrick & Mortar (local coin shop)
BINBuy It Now
BMBranch Mint
BNBrown (Color Designation for Copper Coins)
BREENWalter Breen Listing
BSBusiness Strike
BSTBuy Sell Trade
BUBrilliant Uncirculated
BVBullion Value
CACCertified Acceptance Corporation
CBHCapped Bust Half
CCCarson City (Mint)
CCCondition Census (One of the ten finest known specimens)
CCDNCertified Coin Dealer Newsletter
CCECertified Coin Exchange
CCWCounter Clockwise
CDNCoin Dealer Newsletter
CMLCONECA Master Listing
COACertificate of Authenticity
CONECACombined Org of Numismatic Error Collectors of America
CPGCherry Picker's Guide
CRHCoin Roll Hunting
CSDGCalifornia Small Denomination Gold
CUDMajor Die Break
CVCatalog Value
CWCoin World Publication
DCDeep Cameo AKA Ultra Cameo
DCAMDeep Cameo AKA Ultra Cameo
DDDoubled Die
DDDDie Deterioration Doubling
DDODoubled Die Obverse
DDRDoubled Die Reverse
DMPLDeep Mirrors Proof Like
DMRDie Marriage Registry
DNCDid Not Cross
DPGDaily Price Guide
DPLDeep Prooflike
EACEarly American Coppers, Inc Collector and dealer organization
ECUEuropean Currency Unit
EDEnvironmental Damage
EDSEarly Die State
EFExtremely Fine
EMDSEarly Mid Die State
EPUE Pluribus Unum
EREarly Release
FBFull Bands
FBLFull Bell Lines
FDFull Details
FDOIFirst Day of Issue
FEFlying Eagle Cent
FHFull Head (Standing Liberty Quarters)
FHFull Horn (Buffalo Nickels)
FMVFair Market Value
FPLFixed Price List
FRNSFellow of Royal Numismatic Society Collector and dealer organization
FSFirst Strike
FSFivaz-Stanton Listing
FSFor Sale
FSFull Steps
FSBFull Split Bands
FSHFor Sale Here
FSNCFull Step Nickel Club
FTFull Torch
FVFace Value
FVFFinal Value Fee
GAEGold American Eagle
GPAGrade Point Average (PCGS Set Registry set)
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GTGGuess The Grade
ICGIndependent Coin Grading Service
ICGSIndependent Coin Grading Service
IHCIndian Head Cent
KMKrause-Mishler Listing
LDLarge Date
LDSLate Die State
LLLarge letters
LMCLincoln Memorial Cent
LMDSLate Mid Die State
LSCCLiberty Seated Collectors Club
MAMarket Acceptable
MADMisaligned Die
MDMachine Doubling
MDMaster Die
MDMedium Date
MDDMachine Damage Doubling
MDOMaster Die Obverse
MDRMaster Die Reverse
MDSMid Die State
MLMedium letters
MMMint Mark
MMSMint Mark Style
MPDMisplaced Date
MPLMatte Proof Lincoln
MSMint State
NCADDNational Collectors Association of Die Doubling
NCLTNon-Circulating Legal Tender
NEWPNew Purchase
NGCNumismatic Guaranty Corporation
NIFCNot Intended for Circulation
NLGNumismatic Literary Guild
NNNumismatic News Publication
NPQNational Park Quarters
NTNaturally Toned
NTCNumitrust Corporation
OBWOriginal Bank Wrapped
OCGOptimal Collecting Grade
ODVObverse Design Variety
OGHOld Green Holder, PCGS slab
OGPOriginal Government Packaging
OMMOver Mint Mark
OMSOff-Metal Strike
OPOriginal Poster
PCGSProfessional Coin Grading Service
PCIPhoto-Certified Coin Institute
PLProof Like
PMPrivate Message
PMDPost Mint Damage
PNGProfessional Numismatists Guild Dealer organization
PORPrice On Request
POTDPost Of The Day
PQPremium Quality
PUPPick Up Point
PVCPoly Vinyl Chloride
QDOQuadrupled Die Obverse
QDRQuadrupled Die Reverse
RBRed Brown (Color Designation for Copper Coins)
RDRed (Color Designation for Copper Coins)
RDVReverse Design Variety
RICRoman Imperial Coinage
RNSRoyal Numismatic Society
ROTRotated Reverse
RPReverse Proof
RPCRoman Provincial Coinage
RPDRepunched Date
RPMRepunched Mint Mark
RPMPRepunched Mint Mark Punch
RSCRoman Silver Coinage
SAESilver American Eagle
SBASusan B Anthony Dollar
SDSeries Doubling
SDSmall Date
SDBSafe Deposit Box
SDOSeries Doubled Obverse
SDRSeries Doubled Reverse
SEGSSovereign Entities Grading Service
SLSmall letters
SLQStanding Liberty Quarter
SMSSpecial Mint Set
SNOWRick Snow Listing
T1Type One, Type Two, etc.
TDOTripled Die Obverse
TDRTripled Die Reverse
TPGThird Party Grading
TTTTo The Top
UCUltra Cameo AKA Deep Cameo
UCAMUltra Cameo AKA Deep Cameo
UHRUltra High Relief
URSUniversal Rarity Scale
UVCUniversal Variety Code
VAMVan Allen-Mallis Listing
VDBVictor D Brenner initials (engraver Lincoln Cent)
VEDSVery Early Die State
VEMSVery Early Middle States
VFVery Fine
VGVery Good
VLDSVery Late Die State
WCGWhitman Coin Guide
WDDOWexler Doubled Die Obverse Listing
WDDRWexler Doubled Die Reverse Listing
WHWorking Hub
WHOWorking Hub Obverse
WHRWorking Hub Reverse
WLWalking Liberty Half Dollar
WQWashington Quarter
WRPMWexler Repunched Mint Mark Listing
WTBWant To Buy
XFExtremely Fine
YNYoung Numismatist
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